Gravestones Already Restored

To date, over 90 gravestones have been conserved. The conservation work might have been as simple as cleaning and re-capping a slate stone. Most of the work has necessitated removing the gravestone from the ground and cleaning and re-setting the stone in a bed of sand and peastone. The more complex work has required performing the previous steps and epoxy bonding of fragments with pinning and clamping.

The following list is a representative sample of various gravestones that have been conserved to date. The gravestone is identified by the person memorialized and date of death. Before and after conservation photographs dramatically show what has been saved for future generations. To attain that goal, the photographs also give evidence to the amount of labor that has been expended.
Person Date of Death Marker
John Atwood May 21, 1749 Footstone
John Atwood June 27, 1755 Headstone
Miss Anna Blake September 10, 1754 Headstone
Edward Blake July 25, 1759 Footstone
Grinfill Blake September 9, 1753 Headstone
Mercie Palmer Blake December 12, 1912 Monument
Sarah Hannever June 4, 1711 Headstone
Mrs. Mary Ide May 15, 1845 Headstone
Mr. Nathan Ide February 27, 1844 Headstone
Miss Olive Ide May 12, 1844 Headstone
Sam/Sally Pendleton Nov. 29, 1824/Jan.17, 1868 Headstone
Abigail Pickren August 4, 1728 Headstone
Soloman Reed October 24, 1765 Headstone
Miss Elizabeth Rose October 3, 1840 Footstone
Hannah Rose January 20, 1884 Headstone
John Rose June 7, 1859 Headstone
Miss Lydia Rose April 5, 1838 Headstone
Mercy Rose July 21, 1855 Headstone
Samuel Rose October 25, 1880 Headstone
William T. Rose May 10, 1841 Headstone
Othnial Tripp February 9, 1876 Headstone
Eleazar Walker December 15, 1724 Headstone
James Walker June 22, 1718 Headstone
James Walker February 15, 1691 Footstone
Capt. James Walker June 29, 1849 Headstone
Mary Walker May 19, 1750 Footstone
Nathan Walker February 10, 1791 Headstone
Peter Walker April 4, 1711 Headstone
William Walker August 3, 1749 Footstone
Capt. Corneilius White December 11, 1806 Headstone
Mr. Leonard White September 21, 1807 Headstone
Mrs. Ruth Wing September 9, 1839 Headstone

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